A client of mine asked me today if I knew where he could find good stores where he could buy some good mpd32 items. I gave him this crazy look and asked him just what the hell he wanted to to buy an automatic weapon for? And besides, how the heck would I know where they sold weapons here?

He in turn, gave me this bewildered look and then burst out laughing and almost rolled on the floor in laughter. After getting control of himself, he decided to educate me a little on life.

'Spiffy my boy, an mpd32 is a professional MIDI/USB software control surface and NOT the H&K MP5 machine gun!' 

Ok, how the heck was I supposed to know that. An MPD32 sure sounded like some automatic weapon, don't you think? No? You mean it doesn't even resemble a model number of a gun? You mean I'm really stupid? Oh well, at least you know who not to look for if you actually really need to buy guns ... hahaha!