Happy Independence Day, Malaysia

Tomorrow is our independence day. We've been a free country for 5o whole years, whopee. I'd like to say that we're much better off but personally I think we've gone a few steps backward. But that's my humble and personal opinion. That said and done, it's good to be a Malaysian!

It'll be a nice long weekend for us here, since tomorrow is a public holiday and all that. From my place tonight I'll be able to see some spectacular fireworks show in collaboration with the independence day celebrations and some urmm, international fireworks competition going on at the same time, so the skies are gonna be alight with brilliance :) Just the kind of skies a Spaceman like me is gonna love (not forgetting my kids).

I'd actually love to take the kids and wife and drive to the actual venue of the fireworks display but some of the major roads are closed for the national day parade tomorrow and I am not gonna stress myself out in horrendous traffic jams out there so I'll just stay in with the family and watch from afar. I'm sure it will be just as fun as being there ... LOL!

I'm definitely gonna be up early tomorrow to catch the national day parade on TV. And don't get me wrong, I'm not really interested in watching the parade, I'm just interested in catching the floats that are being paraded out of professional interest only. Two years ago, my company was called upon to do a float for one of the Ministries here and everything that could go wrong went wrong! It was also the first time I did a parade float project so it was kinda fun, not to mention bloody stressful. I'm just curious to see what that particular ministry is gonna come up with this year, seeing as how we didn't get the contract to do their float this year.

Besides that, I'm not really gonna do anything much tomorrow except laze around. Oh drat, I forgot, I have my cousins sons birthday party to go to. Damn, there goes my morning cos the party is at 11.30am in McDonald's. My kids are so looking forward to it. So much for lazing around the house.

So, to all my Malaysian blog buddies out there, here's wishing you a Happy Merdeka Day to you.

ps. 'Merdeka' loosely translated means 'Freedom'

2 weird comments:

Diamondssaphire said...

It is cool to know your country celebrates Independence simimlar to us..

Happy Merdeka Day !!!

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Hey Diamond, Thanx for the Merdeka wishes. Oh, we take our independence day very seriously over here, sometimes too serious I think.