Spiff's Log, Stardate 313864.284878

I haven't posted anything on this blog in awhile, not because I'm lazy or don't have the time but simply because I have no inspiration to post anything yet. The past couple of postings haven't really been original at all. Just some stuff I found while surfing on the net, then copying, pasting and giving credit to the original source. How creative can that be right :) I have a couple of stuff running through my head that I could post but then I'd normally end up posting it on my primary blog instead.

Sometimes I wonder how people can maintain more than one blog? I have two blogs including this one and just keeping it updated is already a huge thing for me. I'm normally swamped with work and when I do squeeze some free time between my work, I'd normally try and post something on my other blog, so this one is kinda neglected most of the time but I will when I get the inspiration and the time try and update this blog as best as I can.

In fact, up to about 10 minutes ago I had 3 blogs, but I deleted that blog after it became dormant for way too long. I'm hoping I don't get fed up of this blog and delete it too, but then I do like the name, Spiff, The Spaceman so this blog is gonna stay around for a bit :)