The Fraudulent Genie!

Instead of bugging the hell out of the Genie King to get my simple wish of wanting US1 billion dollars, Marzie aka the Genie Princess tagged me to do this blog meme created by Liz of Successful Blog which is to write a story instead. Gee, thanks Genie Princess ... LOL! I'll let you off this time only if you promise me to go and harass that no good Genie King and get my wish granted soon, what's more, I'll split some of the loot with you even ... LOL! Well, maybe an itsy bitsy teeny weeny percentage of anyway ... :D

Here are the rules as posted on Liz's blog:
Copy the unfinished story below into your post box, then fill in the blanks to finish the story. For most of the blanks use a blogger’s name, a trait, a post title, a blog title - get creative. Finish each sentence in an unexpected way. You can find plenty of links to spark your imagination at the A-Z directory. Next link the text you added back to the blog or blogger you’re referencing. Be creative. Change the words or storyline as you wish in order to fit in the links you like. When you’re done, leave a link with the title to your version of the story in the comment box below. Simple right? Guess again ... hehehe ...

Here is the story template:

Title: ........................................

............... was ..............., when out of the blue ................ You might think this is strange, but in ...............such things happen all of the time.

Our brave and quirky hero knew exactly what to do - ..............., but our brave and quirky hero had no ................
Seeking help for this dilemma, our hero headed down the road to ................

The road passed three creatures - each of them was more interesting than the next. The first was ................ The second was ................ The third was ................ Our brave and quirky hero ran the rest of the way, and when he got there, he got another surprise!

“...............!” our hero exclaimed.

“...............,” ............... answered.

“I was ..............., when out of the blue ................” our brave and quirky hero said, knees shaking. “Could you spare ...............?”

And so it passed that ............... gave our brave and quirky hero ............... AND ............... and all was well.
You might think this is strange, but in ............... such things happen all the time.

An now on to my story.

Title: The Fraudulent Genie!

Spiff, The Spaceman (who is also the brave quirky hero in this story ... LOL) was as usual gazing in to the abyss, when suddenly out of the blue, he hears some weird mumblings. Being the inquisitive spaceman that he is, he walks over towards the sound. Quietly sneaking up behind a huge rock, Spiff peeks over to locate the source of the weird mumblings. There in the huge open field, he catches the Genie King muttering to himself. Now, you might thing this is strange, but after staying a day in the zone, such things happen all the time.

Our brave and quirky hero knew exactly what to do - Since the Genie King owed him two wishes (yes, two, I'm also gonna collect Nick's wish for him), he slid all the way down to confront the Genie King! But our brave and quirky hero had no chance in hell, cos the Genie saw him coming and said, 'oh, oh, time to make my sweet escape' and disappeared in a puff of smoke! 'Damn', Spiff cursed. 'That no good louse!'

Seeking help for this dilemma, our hero headed down the road to Christy's Coffee Break thinking maybe he could get some help there cos he knew that loads of people were looking for the Genie King, seeing as how he owes them tons of wishes and they'd all be hanging out there at this time of the day.

So, jumping on his trusty hi-tech Hover 3000ZXL thingamajig, he scoots down the road. About a mile into his journey, the road passes three creatures - each of them was more interesting than the next. The first was The Imaginary Diva. The second was a Brainy Bimbo. The third was a Menopause Princess. 'Gee, what kind of weird creatures are these?', thinks Spiff. An Imaginary Dive, a Brainy Bimbo and a Menopause Princess, what an unlikely trio. Spiff asks them if they've seen that no good Genie King fellow. They answer him in unison, 'what's it to you?' Spiff is no mood for games and he says, 'look you creature women, don't give me no lip, k? I'm not in the mood!' That was really the wrong thing to say cos the very next minute all 3 creature women gang up on Spiff and smacks him silly!

Screaming and running for his life, leaving his trusty hi-tech Hover 3000ZXL thingamajig behind, our brave and quirky hero ran the rest of the way to Christy's Coffee break hoping for better luck there, and when he got there, he got another surprise!

Seiche!” our hero exclaimed. 'What are you doing here? I thought you signed up for the Zorkian fleet? What's the matter, can't cut it in space?' Seiche just ignores Spiff knowing how annoying that little pesky spaceman can be at times. But being the little pesky annoying spaceman that he is, Spiff asks Seiche if he has seen the Genie King?

'Oh, that fraud, huh, well everyone and his mother is itching for a piece of his hide, especially the Genie Buddy', Seiche answered. 'Last I heard he fleeced her of her gambling wins and she's one mighty mad woman! And I'd be hiding out too if I knew SHE was on my tail'

'I was about to nab the bum a little while ago', said spiff, 'when out of the blue he pulled a quick disappearing act and vanished.' our brave and quirky hero said, knees shaking horribly and panting from his quick getaway from the 3 creature women. 'Could you spare me this sob story and get a Reality Check! cos you ain't never gonna catch that smooth operating Genie!' says Seiche with a smirk on his face.

But our quirky hero wasn't one to give up so easily. 'Maybe I'll go harass that Genie Princess and get her to grant my wishes, afterall she was in cahoots with that Genie King fellow from the start', thought Spiff. 'Besides, they did spend 1000 years together in prison and she probably knew all his conniving little ways.'

And so it passed that the Genie Princess fearing that the little pesky annoying Spiff would not stop annoying the life out of her, she gave our brave and quirky hero another 3 wishes as a bonus AND promised to annoy the Genie King until he grants Spiff the US1 Billion as well getting Nick's expensive pair of running shoes and all was well. For the moment. Because with that little pesky annoying Spaceman, you can never tell!

You might think this is strange, but in the kingdom of Anything Goes! such things happen all the time. Or so they tell me ...

The End.

Phew, that took a lot out of me ... hehehe ... I'm not going to make it obligatory to do this meme, but if anyone whose name has been linked in my story happens to read this, please feel free to write one of your own and then give me a buzz cos I'd sure like to see what you cooked up :)

10 weird comments:

J@n!ce said...

Nick, great to see yours nicely done. I need a lot of brain juice to work that out. Its cool to have 2 blogs when you get 2 wishes from the GK :)

Janice Ng

Spiff said...

Yeah, it's cool to have 2 blogs Janice but that Genie King is sooooooo lazy to grant my wishes la ... LOL!

Oh, don't worry, I'm sure you story will be fun to read too, when you gonna put it up by the way?

Diamond said...

OH No!!! I will have to clean the cob webs out of the imagination section of my brain!! LOL..Thanks Spiff

Mariuca said...

LOL!! Excellent! Everything's in place, story came together very nicely, great job! Oooh, it's gonna be harder to tag u now, must think of something not so simple for Spiff here LOL!

PS. Thanks for tagging Nessa, and she thought she could weasel her way out of this one huh? LOL!

Genie Princess

Spiff said...

Marzie, It took me the better half of a whole day trying to fit in all the links and to make a decent readable storyline ... LOL! Much harder than my SPM exams la ... LOL!

Yeah, Nessa is out to get me for this one ... I need to hide out on Planet Zork for a while though ... hahaha

Spiff said...

Diamond, you're welcome and if you're looking for someone to smack regarding this tag, go smack Mariuca, she was the culprit who tagged me with such a difficult tag ... LOL!

Christy said...

Ha ha, that was awesome!! Great to laugh this early on a Monday morning! Thanks so much for including me, I appreciate it! Have an awesome day:)

Spiff said...

Christy, glad you liked the story and it was a good laugh for you :D Welcome to Spiff, The Spaceman by the way. Hope to see you around more often.

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