I Have The Power!

I found this cool body battery calculator on Diamond Sapphire's blog and I decided to check it out seeing as how I needed to know just what the heck a body battery calculator is. The first thought that was on my mind was that it would be something that was gonna tell me when my 'batteries' were gonna run out *shudder* ... LOL! But that was far from it, this body battery calculator thing tells you how much electricity your body produces ... cool isn't it? So I tried my hand this are the results :)

249 WATTS Body Battery Calculator - Find Out How Much Electricity Your Body is Producing - Dating
  • I could light up 2 light bulbs (only two?)
  • I could power 62 iPods (awesome)
  • I could power 1 Xbox 360 (even more awesome)
  • 4 of me would be needed to keep a refrigerator running!
Go ahead, check yours out and see if you can power a whole city ... LOL! Happy weekend folks!

2 weird comments:

Nessa said...

I can light up 3 light bulbs, power 63 iPods!! I generate more power than you, with only 1 extra watt!

Spiff said...

Nessa, dammit, your house is going to be brighter with that extra light bulb ... LOL!