Planning For The Holidays.

It's only the second day of the school holidays and my youngest boy is already pestering me to take him somewhere for the holidays. And I have absolutely no idea where to take the boys. I mean I still have to work and can't really take any leave at the moment cos my boss has flown to Japan for the holidays and when she's not around, I'm left to take charge of the office. Man, I hate responsibility!

Anyway next week I promised the younger boy that I'll take them to the water park. They just love splashing around in the water and to be honest, so do I. I love the water slides and and gleefully join the boys waiting in line together to slide down with them whenever we're there ... LOL!

But what I'd really like to do is travel away from this country, somewhere overseas or something but that's going to cost a lot of money and furthermore I don't know where to go. I mean I don't want to actually travel somewhere far away and not know what to do or what places to visit. I could always join those tour groups but they're always in such a rush and you don't really enjoy. I like traveling at my own pace and schedule.

That's why this travel guide site I came across is going to be really helpful to me in planning for a vacation overseas with my family. It's called Real Travel and is basically a guide and trip planner that has lots of advice and information from people who who have traveled the world. With the experience and reviews from these travels I could use the information they provide to plan the perfect vacation without spending to much money.

And the best part about Real Travel is once I'm back from my trip, I can share my experiences on my holiday by creating a free travel blog on their site and maybe help someone else plan for a vacation :) I'm seriously going to consider checking out this site even more and see if I could really get a great deal of information before I make plans to take the family somewhere for the holidays.

But until I actually make those plans, the first trip I'm going will be next week to the water park. I think I'll give my buddy the Genie King a call and see if he'd like to come along with his family. I know his little girl just loves the water :)

2 weird comments:

sweetiepie said...

Who doesn't like water parks? I enjoy dipping myself in those cool water on a hot sunny day... but the rides are a no-no for me, not good for my weak heart! :)

Spiff said...

LOL sweetiepie, you're afraid of water park rides? Here's a little secret, so am I. But have to be macho in font of my wife and kids la ... LOL!