The World's Easiest Tag

I was blog hopping a few minutes ago and when I stopped at Marzie's blog I saw that she tagged me for a meme. In fact it was a really really really simple meme to do.

What a stroke of luck cos I was just saying to the wife that I'd love to do a meme right now (I'm a little insane at time of the morning ... LOL). And my luck just held out cos there was this tag waiting for me at Marzie's :)

Besides, the tag looks like it's real fun to do. I was asked this question by Marzie on What are the 5 gifts I would buy for myself this Christmas if I had an unlimited income? Now if only that was for real ... LOL. Anyway here are my answers :
  • Buy an island paradise.
  • Build my dream castle on this island.
  • Buy a personal jet. (hey, you did say unlimited budget didn't you? LOL!)
  • Buy a fleet of sports cars to race on my island paradise.
  • Buy Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and disband them. ROTFL!
There, how simple was that :) And now I'm going to tag Nessa, Diamond & Adrian to do this really really really simple tag :)

6 weird comments:

Jay Cam said...

did you buy gas for your cars?

Mariuca said...

Oooh an island sounds mighty cool Spiff! Damn easy meme right? Aren't u glad I tagged u with it? ;)

Spiff said...

Marzie - it was the easiest meme I've ever done. LOL!

Yeah, my own little island with dancing girls and all ... LOL! What's that hon? No dancing girls whatsoever? Drats :D

Spiff said...

Jay Cam - drats, I knew I forgot something! Got to get my mind of those dancing gals and concentrate ... LOL!

Nessa said...

Hey Spiff! Hands off MU, you hear me?? Or you'd get two black eyes... muahahaha

Looks pretty easy... will put this up as and when I feel like it, got it? LOL (macam interrogator saja)

Spiff said...

Nessa, wui, violent la you ... LOL!

Take your time doing the tags :)