Back To School Again ...

Ah, I'm back from my space vacation finally. It sure is tiring traveling the whole entire universe for Christmas. The weird way some people out there on those planets celebrate Christmas is enough to give me a major headache! I'm glad I home finally. At least now I can just sit back and kick off my space boots and relax till next week.

'What about the kids school stuff honey?'

Oh drats, Mrs. Spiff is right. We do have to go get the kids stuff for school seeing as how the school terms begin again on the 2nd of January and we haven't even bought their uniforms and stuff yet. Oh well, there goes my much need rest! Luckily the uniform shop is just a few minutes drive away from my place so I guess maybe I'll take the boys there to get their uniforms later.

Boy, this school term is going to cost a whole load of money again. The uniforms, the books, the fees and their extra-curriculum activities and whatnots is definitely going to come up to a huge chunk of money! And this year I'm thinking of sending my younger boy for Close Combat Training seeing as how he was keen to attend it last year but pulled out at the last minute for reasons only known to him.

In my younger days I was a serious martial arts fanatic. I used to be so fanatical about it that I would attend every class my instructor had even though it was not my scheduled training session. I lived, breathed and even ate martial arts. I so wanted to train hard and be a World Leader In Self Defense and be a martial arts instructor myself. Unfortunately, being the advertising industry doesn't really make that wish a reality because eventually I didn't have time for anything except work, work and more work!

I would love for my younger boy to take up martial arts cos it just might instill a sense of responsibility and discipline in him. He is such a brat right now and has been driving Mrs. Spiff up the wall throughout the whole 7 weeks of the school break. The only thing I'm a little worried is that he thinks martial arts is for walloping people and such. But I guess once he attends those classes he learn The Truth About Martial Arts and not just go and whack everyone in sight. Well, if he really is interested in martial arts I'll get him to visit some sites about martial arts like Captain Chris' Close Combat where he can get tips about martial arts.

Anyway, that's all from me for now cos I need to sit with Mrs. Spiff and run through the list of stuff we need to get for the coming school term. So, If I don't get online again till next year, Spiff, The Spaceman would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and maybe the year bring joy and happiness to everyone :D

2 weird comments:

Sweetypie said...

Hey, why didn't you get serious in this combat thingy? Who knows, you could have been as famous as Jackie Chan! :D

Happy new year Spiff. I wonder how new year is celebrated in Planet Zork. Lotsa shootin' I suppose... hehe

Spiff said...

Sweetypie - Nah, I don't like Jackie chan too much, maybe that cool dude Steven Seegal who never gets hit by any of his enemies ... LOL!

Oh, on planet Zork, we race through the mountains naked on our super hi-tech dune buggy on New years day. Loads of fun, you should drop by one New Year to witness it ... LOL!