Gloomy Horizons ...

Hmmm, I just finished my blog hopping just now and was still bored so I kinda started counting how much I actually spent for Christmas and also for the kids back to school stuff. After some serious pounding away on my trusty old calculator my eyeballs nearly popped out of its sockets! I didn't know I had that much money to spend! Man, this is going to cost some serious cost cutting measures next month seeing as how I'm going to have to spend a whole lot more for the repair bill of my car and there still is quite a lot more of the kids school stuff to still buy and pay next year. Sigggghhhhh .... the new year hasn't even started yet and it's not looking good.

Gosh, I wonder how those people with lots of kids do it. I mean, this year alone the kids school stuff cost an arm an a leg and I only have 2 boys, imagine those with more than 2 kids, like 3, 4 or even 5 kids, which is not uncommon in this neck of the woods. And having credit cards tend to make one spend more that they're capable of repaying so you can just imagine the amount of bad credit loans out there.

Well, if you fall into that category of credit card problems, then why not check out this site called Bad Credit Offers which is a good place providing resources that will help you get back on your feet if you're in a little financial bind. They offer great insight on credit repair and debt relief where you can consolidate all your debts, even get a free online debt assessment to help you take that first step in getting back on your feet financially. Who knows I just might keep this in mind after paying for all the kids school stuff and also when I get the repair bill of my car!