Want A Lift, Anyone?

That nut case Nick of Anything Goes! wrote something recently in one of his posts about some plasma tv lift or something close to that effect. Well, at first I was wondering just what in heavens name is that oddball blabbering about? So I decided to look into in a little more. Who knows, he just might be on to a good thing after all ...

I logged on to the site he mentioned and discover that if you own a plasma TV, well, this company called Import Advantage produces and sells this special TV lift furnitures and cabinets where you can have you plasma TV lifted up when you want to watch it and down when you don't. Now, that is definitely one good idea. It also helps keep busy bodies like Nick who salivates over his neighbours plasma TV's away from them!

Well, after looking at the site a little deeper, I grudgingly have to admit that he's right. I am now salivating for these plasma TV's with it's lifting system myself ... damn, damn and double damn!