Anything Goes.Com?

You know what? I'm going to get myself my own domain soon. I've had sleepless nights thinking about it. I've contemplated about it while driving to work. I've pondered upon it while waiting for my appointments. And everything points down to the fact that I should get my own domain name. I mean I've been blogging close to a year now and I do so enjoy blogging, well addicted is a better word and having my own domain would be something cool, right?

I've seen some of my blogging buddies who own their own domains and they're all excited about it. It also looks much more cooler, design and template wise that is. You can get to do so many more things with the templates and stuff unlike the ones I'm using now. While I can tweak this template to my hearts content, there are still some limitations to it.

Well, one of the first things I'd need to probably find a good and reliable web hosting company. And I know of a great one online that I can check out. It's called web hosting choice and is an advertisement free guide to finding the best and most suitable web host plan for myself. They have a great searchable directory for just such a task so I'm sure I'll get some good returns from my search.

I'll be checking it out that's for sure cos I'm seriously considering moving my blog, well, not this blog anyway, my other blog Anything Goes into it's own domain very soon. Wish me luck?