Better This Than Your Couch.

We interrupt this programme to bring you a community message ....

'I know that there's nothing worse than coming home to find out that the dog that you love and cherish so much has decided to turn your couch legs into chew toys.

That's why I'm going to be giving my dog bully sticks from Best Bully Sticks when I eventually get one. These chews for dogs are a great way to curb his desire to chew on my furniture while giving him a treat that he will enjoy and is good for him.

The all natural bully sticks from Best Bully Sticks are completely safe and are a great way for him to strengthen his teeth and gums. Check out their website today, order a few bully sticks and other dog treats, and you'll have a dog that's happy, healthy, and not chewing on your favorite furniture. And now back to our programme ....'

That sure sounded like a TV commercial alright ... LOL!