I Love Technology!

I was going through my outstanding assignment listings today and I see this particular assignment that is about something I know best and that is advertising and printing. I think most of you who reads my other blog knows that I work in the field of advertising. Hey, being a spaceman and plundering planet upon planet doesn't really pay the bills, okay?

I've been working in this industry for as long as I can remember and if I'm not mistaken, I've been in it for a good 17 years or so. I started out on the lowest rung of the advertising ladder as an FA Artist doing manual paste up jobs that was both tedious and absolutely time consuming. It was hell in them old days without computers and stuff. Well, the big huge Ad agencies did have their Macs and stuff but us smaller agencies, well, more like design houses couldn't afford the stuff so we had to make do with doing things manually.

We didn't have Digital Printing capabilities back then cos the hardware alone cost the size of a small country ... LOL! If we really needed to print something digitally, we had to send it out to specialized digital printing houses which back then could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Imagine if a client needed a Signage or even a couple of Banners done, in this day and age I could get it done within a few hours if it was really urgent or a day or two if it wasn't. If it was those days, getting it within a week would be considered a great achievement. I guess technology has made things so much easier for us in the advertising industry which sometimes I do not know if it is a good or bad thing.

Clients now expects everything to be ready in super fast times and they're also much more knowledgeable about production processes now, so there really is not bluffing them that we cannot get their things done super fast. And with the amount of competition out there in terms of Agencies, Design houses, Digital Printing Services and even freelancers, we just have to bend backwards and cater to their demands or risk having to find new clients. But for me, technology is a good thing cos I get to do my stuff even faster and that means lesser overtimes and more time with the family :)