Blogging Set Back

I mentioned yesterday in my other blog Anything Goes! that I sent my PC to be reformatted and my computer guy sent it to my office yesterday and we tested it out before I took it home in the evening. It worked just fine in the office. I even managed to download my favourite softwares and browsers like Firefox, tweak, object dock and the like.

Then when I took it home and switched it on, the damn thing just kept restarting continuously. Oh man, that was not good and no matter how much I fiddled with it, it just kept doing the same thing. Damn, I hate when things like this happens, especially when you just got the damn thing fixed and it was working just fine 30 minutes ago. Mrs. Spiff said maybe I shook it up too much on the way home in the car, but I doubt it.

I called my computer guy again and he said maybe I downloaded something and corrupted the system again. Urrmmm, hello, it's all the same blooming softwares that I have my laptop and it works on the laptop just fine. Anyway, he said he'll come over either today or tomorrow to reformat it again so there goes my nightly blogging sessions. I could use the laptop but Mrs. Spiff also blogs and we don't really like waiting in line to use the computer. I'll just have to wait until the desktop is fixed.

At least I can get some reading done tonight. I've been catching up on my reading the past week or so and have already gone through 2 of my Star Trek books that I bought and am now half way into the third one already. And when I start reading, I'll be so engrossed in it that I can't stop. Guess that assignment I have on elliptical will also just have to wait till the PC is fixed in a day or two. Meanwhile tonight, if you guys want to know what I'm doing, it would be safe to say I'll be curled up in bed with my book, right after American Idol, that is. Yes, even us macho Spaceman type watches American Idol ... LOL!

2 weird comments:

Shemah said...

Yay!! It's American Idol night!!

Sorry to hear about the PC needing to be reformatted again. That sucks! Especially the part where you're so happy to get it back in the first place and the next thing you know, you have to send it out again.

Oh well, we'll still be here when you get back! I doubt anything exciting is gonna happen much in this blogosphere in the next day or two.

Happy reading!

Spiff said...

Shemah - Long Live American Idol! LOL!

Well, my PC guy said he'll be coming today, and I hope he keeps his word though.

But then, it's American Idol night again tonight (the girls) so I would be too pissed if he didn't turn up ... LOL!