A Potty Tale

Darn it, my holiday is almost over. Tomorrow it's back to blasting Zorkian bugs again! Hmmm, that sounds like fun but then I heard those Zorkian bugs are still on holiday, so there goes that plan!

The day passed by real fast today. I started the day pretty early, well, early for a spaceman that is. I practically woke up at 6.20am to keep Mrs. Spiff company while she prepared the boys breakfast for school today. You can read all about that in my other blog, Anything Goes!

Didn't really do much today. Mrs Spiff and me went out after lunch today to do a little shopping. Seeing a how the boys were back to school, we could at least go on a little date ... hehehe ... We went to a nearby mall and bought a couple of things. I got myself two more Star Trek books ... woohoo ... I still haven't even finished the first of three books that I bought about 2 days ago. So now I've go 5 books to go through.

Well, we were also kinda looking around for cabinets and shelves for the kitchen. Right now, our kitchen isn't exactly the way we like it. The pots and pans are just about everywhere we can find place to put them and it doesn't really give the kitchen a professional and classy look.

We're actually looking for nice pot racks to hang all our pots and pans and I especially like the ones from Enclume (pronounced Ahn-Kloom) for the uninitiated. The Enclume pots racks come in a variety of classic designs of timeless old world or even of the contemporary kind. What I like about an Enclume pot rack is you can organize all your pots and pans in one single easy to reach place. No more stooping in some silly old shelve or cabinet to grab a pot when you need one. All that stooping and bending really isn't good for my poor old aching back!

Enclume Premier Classic Rectangle Pot Rack with Grid - Brass Plated

Besides, the Enclume potracks add a touch of style and elegance to the kitchen. I can at least showcase all our fine cookware for all to see and con everyone about my totally non existent cooking skills.

'What's that honey? We don't have no fine cookware? Darn!'

Well, it looks like before I get one of those cool looking Enclume pot racks, I'm going to have to get Mrs Spiff a nice set of fine and classy looking cookware first!