The Environmentalist!

Shemah of My Sweet Escape tagged me with this International Earth Day tag a few days back. This is the first time I'm hearing about an International Earth Day and even then, the actual day has passed already so I'm pretty late with this tag. Hey, don't look at me like that. I'm not even from Earth, so how would I know when your International Earth Day is? I mean, if you ask me about the Zorkian Inter-Galactic Swimsuit day, now that I would know. But then, do you really want to see a Zorkian in a swimsuit?

But just because I'm not of this planet, that doesn't mean I don't care about your little blue marble. To boost interstellar relations between our species, I shall help spread the word and see what I can do for your mother nature. Beside. this tag is pretty simple and all you need to do is include the pictures below in your blog and link it back to the original homepage and then go and annoy, urrrmmm, I mean tag as many people as you like to help spread the message wider and further :)

Picture Number 1:

Just CLICK away. No donations needed at all. But if you feel the need to donate to anything you can always hit my paypal button on the top right hand of my blog and donate to my DSLR fund and I promise to repay your faith by atleast taking some pictures of nature for you ... hehehe ...

Picture Number 2:

Answer4Earth is really a kind of game that tests your general knowledge in the veins of Trivial Pursuit. For every correct answer you get, it brings you a step closer to saving a tree. It's a pretty fun game and addictive to boot. I tried it out and and was hooked. I just wonder how many trees I managed to save. At least I won't feel so bad about wanting to buy that all wooden home theater furniture set that I've got my yes on.

And with that, I pass this tag along to the following people who can help me save some tree on this miserable planet of yours ... muahahaha ... And the lucky few environmentalists are:

Adrian ~ Diamond ~ Marzie ~ Jen

2 weird comments:

Rozella said...

Tsk tsk tsk. Using an environmental cause as an ad opportunity! Hahaha I have no words for you. :P

Spiff said...

Rozella - Darn, I thought no one would notice. I'm done for! I'd better pack my bag and high tail it out of here on my rocket ship before the Greenies come after me! LOL!