Glad To Be Home!

It has been a pretty hectic and busy day for me today. I didn't even have much time to breathe let alone blast any bug eyed Zorkians. And the worse thing is, it's not really over yet. I know I still have piles of work waiting for me at the office tomorrow. Even staying back late today didn't really solve all my problems.

I actually decided to stay back and finish every bit of work I had but then it was American Idol night (yes, yes, spacemen do watch that show too, ok!) and I was also too exhausted to even want to finish it so I decided to leave it till tomorrow morning. I know it's not really a wise decision but then I don't always make wise decisions especially when I'm lazy and tired. Anyway, I'm just glad to be home.

I remember not too long ago I was complaining that I didn't have much work to do and wished some work would drop on my lap. You know that saying they have that goes like this - Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true. Well, I for one absolutely believe every single word of that saying! The only consolation is it's Friday and you all know what comes after Friday, right? Saturday, woohoo, the weekend :)

I live for weekends. I'm just going to stay in this Saturday and sleep all day and maybe work on that unlocked phone assignment I've been sitting on for ages now. In fact talking about phones and all, I've got an old unlocked gsm phone that I've been trying to get rid of for quite some time now. Anyone interested in buying it? Real cheap now, with a free leather casing and Jesicca Alba thrown in? No? Come on, going once, going twice. What? No bids yet? Damn! LOL!