Crank Calls

There I was snugly curled up in bed early this morning nicely snoozing away and dreaming of those dancing girls on that island I'm going to buy when suddenly my darn cell begins to ring. I groggily wake up, look at my bedside clock and see that it's 4.26 am!

'Good god, who could be calling at this ungodly hour of the morning?'
I scream.

I felt like not picking it up just letting the phone ring but then it could be an important call from a family member or something, you just can't be too sure. But I swear if it was those Zorkian bugs fooling around, I'll go blast their planet in oblivion so help me god!

I pick the phone up and answer it but there is no one on the other end. Darn, it's a crank call. I'm fuming from having to wake up at 4.26 in the morning to answer a crank call! I look at the caller id and it's no one I know or recognize.

Well, whoever it is is going to get hell from me cos by using Reverse Phone Lookups I'm definitely going to be able to identify who the heck is was that was fooling around on the other end of the phone and you are so going to get it from me. I'm going to be able to find out just who you are and put you on my no call list, but not before I give you a chewing out you won't forget for at least 3 lifetimes!

The moral of the story is - Don't mess with the beauty sleep of a spaceman! Oh and just so you know, this is a sponsored post :D

2 weird comments:

LxndreaSB said...

hey nick.. it's only tuesday!
chill dude!!

Spiff said...

Lxndreasb - LOL! I'm chillin', I'm chillin' ... can't wait for the weekend though :D