Chicken Soup For The Soul

It's raining cats and dogs out there and though the main roads to my office might flood a little I don't really care cos the rain is a great respite for the past weeks heat we've been experiencing. It actually rained cats and dogs yesterday as well. I'm hoping it rains everyday ... LOL!

Ok, maybe not everyday cos then I'll be complaining that it's perpetually raining. There really is no pleasing me you know ... hehehe ... A couple of hours more and I'm out of here for the weekend. This is always my favourite time of the week. And besides Mrs. Spiff is making chicken soup for me for dinner tonight and I'm a sucker for chicken soup.

And seeing as how it's going to be a nice cool night, chicken soup is just perfect for dinner, wouldn't you say? I can already picture myself in front of my PC preparing my crib bedding task, with the cool air surrounding me and a nice hot bowl of chicken soup. Who could ask for more :D