Cry Babies Unite!

Hello everyone, I'm that deep booming voice fellow or better known as that annoying spaceman's Guardian Angel. Yes, yes, even annoying spacemen have guardian angels and it's just my luck they assigned me to that pest Spiff, The Spaceman! He's actually still sulking over the way I treated him a couple of posts ago and is currently unavailable.

(*whisper* Actually I can't find him but don't let the big boss know or I'll be shoveling brimstone in hell)

And since I'm the one who caused all this to that sensitive pest, I'm just going to have to do his work for him. So here goes, I hope I don't screw this up.

If you're an emotional crybaby like that Spiff fellow and want to meet other emotional people like yourself and have been having difficulties looking for cry babies like yourself then fear not cos I've got just the site for you. It's called Free Emo Chat and it's 100% free to join.

You don't have to download anything at all, just sign up get connected to all the Emo people from all over the planet and maybe even planet Zork and you can start crying, urrmm, I mean chatting almost immediately! And it's 100% free to join. Did I mention that already?

Darn, I'm just not as good with these assignments as that Spiff fellow is. I hope he comes back soon before the big boss finds out he's missing or I'm going to be in big trouble!

*An even deeper booming voice from above* : GET INTO MY OFFICE RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!

Oh crap, he knows!