Need To Know

Woohoo, another half and hour and I'm out of here for the weekend. For the entire month of Ramadhan, we get to go home an hour earlier though it's been in effect since Tuesday, I only found out about it yesterday. Darn those swines for not telling me.

There I was for the past two days sitting in the office wondering why the heck it was so quiet after 5pm, we work until 6pm here and not realizing that everyone left for home. And only yesterday they innocently come up to me and said,

'hey, did you know we all get off an hour earlier this whole month?'

If I knew that, you morons, would I be sitting in the office all by myself, ah? I'm always the very last to know about anything in this office. I think if the place burned down I wouldn't know about it until the flames came up and scorched my butt!

Well, now that I know we get to go home early this entire month, I'm absolutely delighted. I've already packed all my stuff and decided to squeeze in a quick post before I head home and pick Mrs. Spiff up and go grocery shopping. We're totally out of food at home and tomorrow is the weekend and my two perpetually hungry boys will need to be fed.

You all have a great weekend, k? And to my Muslim buddies, Selamat Berbuka Puasa later, k?

6 weird comments:

DiamondsSaphire said... sure you don't work with me??

Constance Chan said...

wahahahah... u poor thing..

Spiff said...

Diamond - Hahaha ... you have the same kind of office environment like me I presume ...

Spiff said...

Constance - Yeah, poor me, if I knew we got off early, I would be the first to pack up

Anonymous said...


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Spiff said...

Anonymous - Hey there, thanks for the offer. I'd be delighted to see what you have. I'll drop you an email on this soon. Thanks for showing interest in my blog :D