An Exciting Day, Not!

It's only 9.24 am and its already a drab day in the office. It's a long way to go before it's time to go home. Yeah, I'm not in the mood to work today. On days like this I wish I had that remote control that Adam Sandler had in the movie click. That would be awesome. I could just hit the fast forward button and next thing I know it'll be time to head home :D

But I guess things like that only happen in the movies. So here I am stuck in the office with no appointments, not that I'm too keen to go for any appointments mind you but at least that would get me out of this office. Maybe I should make up a fake appointment and just bum off.

At least the good news is it's going to be a 3 day weekend cos of Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights falling on Monday. So that's a good thing. Makes the working week so much shorter next week. I don't really have much plans for the weekend except for some Deepavali visiting on Monday.

By the way? Do any of you know what ball lock pins are? I sure as hell never heard of ball lock pins in my entire life. I guess I need to read up on things a little more so I won't be so blur if someone actually asks me if I have a ball lock pin ... LOL! But I did find out that it's actually a quick release pin that provides positive locking for all types of application and equipment out there. Well, that sure cleared things up ... hehehe ...

And before I head out of here and get bored out of my wits, I'd like to wish all my Hindu friends a very happy Deepavali :D