The Clean Out

Christmas is around the corner and this morning Mrs. Spiff and me cleaned out the storeroom. Gee, we seem to be doing a lot of cleaning every darn Saturday! We must be getting totally crazy these days. Why can't we just be like normal people and laze around in bed till noon or something instead of waking up early and do back breaking chores.

And back breaking it was cos the amount of junk I had in the storeroom dating back to prehistoric times is just unbelievable! There were some things in there I didn't even know I had. In fact I don't even recognize some of the things that have been lying there for god knows how long. I'm amazed at the amount of junk in there.

I'm even more amazed that all that junk actually came out from the itsy bitsy store room. I don't know how I managed to fit all that junk in there all these years. From things like old barbecue pits, rolls of wires, books on cheap Phentermine right up to a steering wheel! It took close to a few hours just to clear the place out and then find a way to dispose all the junk.

At least the store room looks nice and clean. It's so clean that you can sleep in there ... LOL! Well, talking about sleep, I think I need a nap. I'm totally bushed! Here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend :D

2 weird comments:

chegu carol said...

can i hire u and wifey to do spring cleaning at my place? :p

btw...dont forget me when you decided to put up your junks on sale ok? :)

Spiff said...

Carol - LOL! I won't forget, but you're in position number two after Gallivanter. He booked the first spot :D