I'm officially jobless today. Well, at least until next week when I start my new job. I feel so relieved that I'm finally out of my ex company. While I enjoyed my time working there, it grew into a chore. I'm looking forward to the new job and hope something much better comes out of it. After all, I don't think I want to be traveling the universe and conquering strange worlds all my life ... LOL!

I don't know what I have planned today but I know I'm going to take advantage of the short break I have by doing something. Mrs. Spiff wants to go do some Christmas shopping and I wanna check out the Christmas decor at some of the malls around so I guess we'll be mall hopping today :D

But I know I'm probably going to need a pain pump to control the pain in my aching legs from all the walking I anticipate we're going to be doing today ... hehehe ...

2 weird comments:

chegu carol said...

happy jobless for a week (a week, right?). LOL!
eii...enjoy your off days from work. :)

Spiff said...

Carol - Well, not really a week but almost la ... hehehe ... Thanks, I'm definitely going to enjoy myself :D