Here's a little warning to perverts out there who tries to force themselves on women!

Chicago, Ill., police went hunting for a rape suspect after a woman stopped by their headquarters and turned in some evidence of the crime: a pair of testicles. The 42-year-old woman told them that a man forced her to perform oral sex on him, so she bit off some evidence.

Officers found a castrated man at a local hospital and 'put two and two together,' a police spokesman said. Eric Williams, 21, was arrested on charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault. Doctors could not reattach the severed parts.

Oh boy, I'll bet that must have hurt quite a bit! Imagine having to explain to the doctors at the hospital just how he lost his family jewels. Serves the bum right!

2 weird comments:

Ken said...

i think that bum is stupid. why would u put something tat precious into something can cut it off. place it some where save. no sharp object LOL!

Spiff said...

Ken - LOL! My thoughts exactly ...