The Mother Of All Tags!

Gee, I've always thought of Emila as a really nice girl. She's always been leaving such nice comments and remarks and I even won a nice notebook from her once before. But little did I suspect she has a mean streak in her. Yes, she really does! I thought Marzie was really the evil one but alas, I'm sadly mistaken. Marzie is like an angel compared to Emila!

And you wanna know why? Well, that girl went and tagged me with this 100 question tag and it's going to take me at least all week to do. Now if you don't find that to be a really evil and dastardly thing to do, I don't know what is ... LOL! Just kidding okay Emila. You're still a nice person but with the same evil 'tagging me with difficult and long memes' streak that Marzie has ... hahaha ... Then again, I shouldn't be surprised, after all you have the same serial killer tendencies like Aki and me :D

I never really thought anyone would ever create a tag or meme, whichever you wanna call it, that is so long but someone did and when I find that person, he/she is going to feel the zap of my ray gun, that's for sure! Look at it, it really is going to take me all week to get this done. Like as if i have so much time to sit and answer all those questions, there's a galaxy out there for me to plunder you know ... LOL!

Ok, without kicking up too much of a ruckus, let me start with the tag already otherwise I'll be here all day! I still need to get my slimming pills review done as well after this.

001. Real Name: Why, Spiff, The Spaceman of course! Duh!
002. Nickname(s): Idiot, Pest, Brat and a few not too nice to mention ... LOL!
003. Age: Take a guess
004. Horoscope: Pisces, Goat
005. Male or Female: Lemme check ... Male ... LOL!
006. Elementary: Us spacemen don't go to school one ... hehehe ...
007. Middle School: What? There is a middle school?
008. High School: Nope, it was just way too high for me ...
009. College: The College of Space and Interstellar Plundering :D
010. Hair color: Black, what little is left
011. Long or Short: Short
012. Loud or Quiet: Depends :D
013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
014. Phone or Camera: Phone
015. Health Freak: Depends ... hehehe ...
016. Drink or Smoke: Social drinking / Non Smoker
017. Do you have a crush on someone: Right now? Yeah, Jennifer Garner ... LOL! Don't let Mrs. Spiff know, nanti habis I .... LOL!
018. Eat or Drink: Eat la ... hehehe ...
019. Piercings: Not in a million years
020. Tattoos: Nope
021. Social or Anti-Social: Extremely anti-social
022. Righty or lefty: Righty
023. First piercing: If you consider stepping on a nail a piercing then it was at the age of 9 ... LOL!
024. First relationship: Gee, a busy body aren't you?
025. First Best Friend: This guy named Appu :D
026. First Award: Hero of the Universe :D
027. First Kiss: Woi, this is a family blog la ...
028. First Pet: A dog named Benjy who unfirtunately ran away from home ... darn him!
029. First Big Vacation: Can't really remember that far back, the memory not as good as it used to be ...
030. First Love at first sight: Don't understand the question ... hehehe ...
031. First Big Birthday: Spacemen don't have birthdays!
032. First Surgery: My thumb. 3 stitches after slicing it open with a cutter.


This and that
033. First sport you joined: Running and I damned well enjoyed it :D
034. Orange or Apple juice: Orange
035. Rock or Rap: Rock
036. Country or Screamo: Urmmm, neither
037. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: Urmmm, neither
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Christina of course. Britney's a loony bin!
039. Night or Day: Night
040. Sun or Moon: How come no stars?
041. TV or Internet: Internet
042. Playstation or xbox: Playstation
043. Kiss or hug: Urmmm, both? LOL!
044. Iguana or turtle: Turtle, Iguana's freak me out!
045. Spider or bee: Argghhh, I hate both!
046. Fall or spring: Spring
047. Limewire or iTunes: Limewire
048. Soccer or baseball: Soccer


049. Eating: Nothing, no money how to eat? LOL!
050. Drinking: Nothing
051. Excitement level: -8 from having to do this tag ... LOL!
052. I’m about to: Give up on this and go for a coffee break
053. Listening to: Elton John :D
054. Plan for today: Well, it started out with work but ended up with blogging
055. Waiting for: Money to drop from the sky
056. Energy Level: 70%
057. Thinking of someone: Not at the moment
058. Want kids?: Two is enough, thank you
059. Want to get married?: Gee, what a silly question. I'm married already
060. When?: Like as if I'll tell you ... LOL!
061. How many kids do you want: Urmmm ...
062. Any name on the mind: Nope
063. What did you want to be when you were little: Supreme ruler of the world!
064. Careers in mind: Supreme ruler of the world!
065. Mellow future or wild: Depends ...
066. Something you would never try: Killing myself ... LOL!
067. When do you want to die: Well, that depends ...
068. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
069. Romantic or Funny?: Romantic and funny ... hehehe ...
070. Shorter or Taller?: Taller
071. Protective or Caring?: Protective and caring!
072. Romantic or Spontaneous?: Romantic and spontaneous :D
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: Urmmm ...
074. Sensitive or Loud?: Sensitive
075. Hook-up or Relationship?: Relationship
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?: Urrmmm, does annoying count?
077. Muscular or normal: Well, I'd love to say muscular but alas, just plain normal ... siggghhh ...
078. Kissed a stranger: No!
079. Broken a bone: No, fractured a finger yes la
080. Lost glasses or contacts: Nope, don't wear either
081. Ran away from home: Nope
082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: Nope ... wait, wait, does my ray gun count?
083. Killed somebody: LOL! Just like Emila, not yet ...
084. Broken some one’s heart: Don't know ...
085. Had your heart broken: Yup
086. Been arrested: Not yet ... LOL!
087. Cried when someone died: Yup ...
088. Liked a friend more than a friend: Yes, when Mrs. Spiff and me were still friends, I eventually started to like her more than a friend ...


Do you believe in
089. Yourself: Not sure la
090. Miracles: Urmmm, I could use one right about now
091. Love at first sight: Don't know
092. Heaven: Yes and hopefully I'll end up there when I die ... LOL!
093. Santa Claus: Yes, of course
094. Tooth Fairy: Not really
095. Kiss in the first date: Nope
096. Angels: Yup


Answer Truthfully
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: Yes, Mrs. Spiff :D
098. Are you seriously happy with where you’re in life now?: Could be better but yes
099. Do you believe in God?: Most definitely
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people. Alamak, I don't want to be mean but I'm tagging the first 10 people in my blogroll. If you've been tagged then you can just give this a miss ...

There, I've finally done it. And right now I need a break. This took almost all day ... I'm a vengeful person so Emila, the next susah punya tag I get, you'll be my number one target ... LOL!

19 weird comments:

Anny said...

you actually did this too.. hhahahahahhaa.. it took me so long and i was praying for thunder to blast my router.. :)

dun u just lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv long tags? i know u dooooo

Anonymous said...

Oh's TAG day! Foong's blog also featuring tag.

Please don't tag I hate tags! :)

Spiff said...

Anny - LOL! Don't wish too hard, it just might come true you know ...

Oh, I absolutely love long tags like these. NOT!

Spiff said...

Mei Teng - LOL! Don't worry, I'm not as cruel as Emila to let you suffer the same fate as I did ... hehehe ...

Anny said...

hahahahaha..i have already blasted 2 routers in this house :D the thunders are mean ole machines here in ipoh.. and corner houses don't help.. cos we r easy targets... oooo... i smell a storm brewing again.. *shucks*

Emila Yusof said...

wahahaha i shall not tag you for many moons after this!!! Glad you did it!! Thanks Spiffy!!!

I'm an angel deep down in my heart hehhee

Spiff said...

Anny - You should see the lightning and thunder over here in Subang. They're so darn near I always run and hide under the bed when they start ... LOL!

Spiff said...

Emila - LOL! Just kidding about the evil and dastardly part :D But it really took me ages to finish this tag ... hehehe ...

Nessa said...

Gosh! You really did dis tag??!! *Salute* LOL!

Anny said...

under the bed? hhehhehehehee.. sure can fit or not?

Nessa... ur turn.. to do dis mother of a big tag.. muahhhahahahahahahhahaa..

Anny said...

Have a blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter to you and Mrs Spiffy :)

bem69 said...

Spiff, thunder in subang can't beat thunder in shah alam hahaha, so many burnt modems and routers and tvs.

Anyway, give yourself a pat on your back, you did well to stay strong under the evil clutches of Emila's tag habits hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Spiff said...

Nessa - Yeah, I must have been crazy to do this tag ... LOL! when you doing yours? I know you kena tag with this also ... hehehe ...

Spiff said...

Anny - Urmmm, you might have a point. My fat tummy just might not fit la ... hahaha ...

Yeah, Nessa, when you nak do this tag :p

Spiff said...

Anny - Thank you :D Mrs. Spiff and me wishes you a blessed Good Friday and a wonderful Easter too :D

Spiff said...

Bem69 - Dekat what Shah Alam and Subang. I think we share the same lightning and thunder ... LOL!

Yeah, I survived the evil clutches of Emila's tagging frenzy ... hehehe ...

Spiff said...

Mei Teng - Happy Easter to you too :D

Anny said...

thank you Mrs Spiff :)