Let's Go See Uncle!

I know it's a Friday and I should be overjoyed but I read something in the news today that has kinda put a damper on my mood. This lady who was unable to stand the grief of losing her youngest brother in a police shootout recently gave her four children drinks laced with weedkiller, telling them - 'Let’s go see uncle' and then consumed the deadly poison herself!

Good god, what was she thinking. If she wanted to kill herself why drag the poor kids (who probably don't understand anything about the entire incident) along with her? I hope the kids pull through (two are in intensive care and two are in the children's ward) and though this may sound pretty mean, I'm really not rooting for the mother to pull through. Any mother who can do that to her own innocent kids don't deserve my sympathy.

I don't post stuff like this on this blog but sometimes even a spaceman can get emotional. Maybe I should just grab wifey, the boys and Pebbles and look for some new orleans hotels and go for a vacation to drown out all the horrors of the world.

4 weird comments:

Emila Yusof said...

I totally agree with you! what kind of mother would do that to her kids.

Poor kids I hope they pull through. My thoughts and prayer are with them.

Emila Yusof said...

err chop?!

Spiffy said...

Emila - Yay, you got a chop here :D

Spiffy said...

Emila - Exactly. With just that one action alone proves that she only cares for herself! I'm not sure what the conditions of the kids are right now but I think they're still in the hospital. Hope they make it through too.