Being Good Is Not Easy!

Merry Christmas everyone :D Christmas is finally here so I can quit trying to fool Santa by being nice all the time. Now that Christmas is here and that old Fat gullible little man has left me my present, I can go back to being my nasty old self ... LOL! It isn't easy trying to be nice you know.

Why the heck does Santa need to have a naughty and nice list anyway? Just gives himself more work having to sift through the list every year. He might as well start a list for life insurance rates, since he's got so much time ... hahaha!

Hobbes: Spiffy, I think Santa is on to you cos you ain't got no gift ... hahaha!

Me: What? Why that slimy old white bearded man, wait till I get my hand on his crummy beard!!!

With that I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year :D

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Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

Hey Spiffy, I wonder if ur dropping EC for Mrs. Spiffy while she's away... u should LOL! :)

Spiffy said...

Marzie - Yay! You FC and so far only commenter ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

Marzie - I too lazy to even drop for myself la ... LOL!