Of Broody Men ... Urrmmm, I Mean Spacemen ...

Writing a post these days is taking a lot of effort on my part. I can't seem to find things to post about. It's not that there isn't anything to post. It's just that my mood these past couple of days has been a big factor in my abilities to write anything amusing over here.

So you guys will just have to bear a broody spaceman for a bit. Besides, I heard women dig broody men ... LOL! Gee, I hope Mrs. Spiff is not reading this post ... hehehe ... At least there is some good cheer for this week cos I was told by my buddy just now that this Friday is a public holiday, for what occasion I have no idea but I'm thankful for it.

At least it'll be a nice long weekend for me and Christmas is also really just peeking around the corner. I'm not doing much for Christmas this year and am just going along with my best buddy's Christmas spirit seeing as how mine is a little lacking at the moment. Hope you guys are having a better season than I am.

6 weird comments:

bem69 said...

Hey Spiff,

Its been awhile, how can my rival be in such a broody mood. Do you want to be in the next Twilight movie? Kamonnn, lift your spirits, its Christmas time. Just think of good things, and good things will come your way, no matter how annoying you are hahahahaha.

foongpc said...

No mood to write? Maybe you should just do Wordless Everyday! Like Wordless Wednesday? Haha! Post pics - end of story! : )

Spiffy said...

Bem - Hey buddy, it's been awhile! Where have you been man?

Thanks for the words of encouragement :D Coming from you is something else. You must be getting softer in your old age ... hahaha!

But it's good to see you here :D

Spiffy said...

Foong - Don't tempt me, I just might try that ... hahaha!

bem69 said...

Hahaha I'm not getting softer, but your post has always be cheerful or angry, so stay like that hahaha. I've been here but I have been a bit broody LOL. Not really, just couldn't find stuff to write about, which is a big contra to my wife heheh.

Hope you overcome your writer's blog (pun intended) and post more, or perhaps even write a book.

Man, how many blogs do you have now?!! ahahahha

Spiffy said...

Bem - You have a point there ... LOL!

Write a book? LOL! I can't even write two lines these days let alone a book.

Urmmm, I'm losing track of how many blogs I have these days la ... LOL!