The Craving!

Last week after we sent the boys for Sunday school, both Mrs. Spiff and me headed for breakfast at this new restaurant near the church. Of course, being a new restaurant we were wary of the food. But surprisingly, both the dishes we ordered, Mrs. Spiff a bowl of wanton noodle and me, a bowl of curry pork ball noddles were really delicious.

I was overwhelmed by the curry pork ball noddles that I had that I practically licked the bowl dry ... LOL! To say it was delicious is putting it mildly. It was excellent. There and then I decided that we would be eating at this shop from now on. And I would be eating nothing but curry pork ball noodles.

It was so good that I was craving for it all week and couldn't wait for this Sunday to go and try more of it. I kept reminding Mrs. Spiff, that we must go eat at that restaurant again all week. I think she got fed up of hearing me long for that curry pork ball noddle ... LOL!

So when Sunday arrived, which is today, I was joyous. I woke up early, changed and got my weight loss pills that work packed into my pocket and hurried everyone along so I could go satisfy my cravings for that curry pork ball noodle. After sending the boys we drove to the restaurant and I almost cried in disappointment.

The shop was closed! Why oh why did they have to close today. How can fate deal me such a cruel blow? I waited all week for this day and they just bloody well had to close today of all days! Somebody up there must hate me badly! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Never mind, I shall grab Mrs. Spiff tomorrow and go over there for lunch cos I simple must have my fix of curry pork noodles!

4 weird comments:

Anny said...

cried? hhahahahahahhaa.. i guess urmm.. you could have cried... hahhahahahahahha.. poor u.. why la wait for one whole week if its so nice.. urmm.. tell me where.. mebbe when i go down next.. i go try it too.. and hopefully they are open :p

Spiffy said...

Anny - Aiyooo, I waited all week and they closed, sure cry one ... LOL!

I too malas to drive there other than Sunday when the boys go to classes. It's near Glenmarie, very nice one, recommended by the spaceman or your money back guarantee ... LOL!

Anny said...

oh.. i think i know where.. is it behind the mamak stalls? the Subhani mamak.. i remember there was a nice noodle thingy behind there

Spiffy said...

Anny - I'm not sure which Mamak stalls you mean but it's the new block of shops behind the 7-11 row ... they just open up a few weeks ago. Go try it if you're down again :D