The Fund

I need a vacation. I know it's only 15 days into the New year and I shouldn't be wanting a vacation this soon but heck, I really need a vacation. Things are not looking up for the year ahead what with all the crap happening out there in this country of mine.

Churches being burnt, prices of stuff being increased, possible (no, most definitely) toll, fuel and electricity increases. The poor working class people are the ones who are going to be hit hard! I suppose that's what you get when clowns remain in power. Damn, I think maybe I should fire up my old rocket ship, grab Hobbes, Mrs. Spiffy, the boys and Pebbles and high tail it back to Planet Zork.

Those ugly smelly bugs may be annoying like me but at least they don't give you crap like what we get over here. I knew coming to this planet was going to be a regretful decision. Like I said, maybe a nice long good vacation would renew my flagging spirits.

But then vacations always make me put on weight and I'm probably going to need more fat burner pills after the vacation to get me back in shape. Then there is also this thing called money that is needed for a vacation, something which I don't have much off.

Maybe I should start a 'donate to Spiffy's vacation fund' ... LOL!