A Load Of Rubbish

Gosh, I'm neglecting this blog more and more these days. And it's not because I purposely want to neglect this blog. Every time I sit in front on my laptop wanting to type something here, my mind hits a blank. That's what you get when you have 5 blogs and have to think of stuff to keep them all updated.

It can be so darn challenging. Serves me right for having 5 blogs! Back when I first started this blog, it was only meant as a blog for me to experiment with templates and learn a little coding but over time, I decided to actually write contents for this blog and one thing led to another and this blog took on a whole characteristic of its own.

Spiffy has been around a lot less than my main blog Anything Goes! but it has surpassed the number of postings that my main blog has done and I didn't even realize it until I checked my dashboard the other day. I was shocked that I have more postings here than on Anything Goes!

I need to really go back to my old postings and see just what the heck I've been writing over here to have that much postings (600 plus if I'm not mistaken) in such a short time span. Oh well, if you ask my best buddy he'd probably tell you what a big mouth I am so it shouldn't really surprise me that I can write so much rubbish here.

Happy Thursday people.