What? Again?

Now before I start telling you all about wrinkle cream reviews, let me tell you I'm really beginning to hate Tuesdays! I really think Tuesdays and Monday are in cahoots to get me.

Exactly one week ago on a Tuesday, my car broke down right at the entrance of my clients premise. Well, today, it broke down again at the EXACT same place about the EXACT same time! And it was equally no less embarrassing again.

Something is not right here. I'm sure this is Tuesdays idea of getting even with me for having a beautiful Monday yesterday. Anyways, once again, after getting it started again, I drove straight for home but this time, Tuesday wasn't letting me off the hook.

Halfway back, it acted up again and died right in the middle of a busy traffic light junction and people were not so nice this time and started honking at me (for God's sake, I have my hazard lights on, give a guy a break will you) and some were even yelling at me. I felt like throwing a steering lock at them!

As fate would have it, these two good Samaritans come over and help me push my car to the side of the road away from traffic. I try to figure out what the problem is but no such luck cos no matter what I tried, the car refused to start again.

So, I start looking for a mechanic and after walking in the sun for a bit, I managed to find one who eventually sorted out the cause of my problem. Apparently the fuel pump failed on me and was not pumping petrol to my carburetor.

So after getting it fixed and parting with some good hard earned cash, I head for home totally drained from the ordeal and wasted a good three hours of my time. Why does these things always happen to me? And Tuesday, just you wait till I get my hand around your freaking neck. By the time I'm through with you, we'll only be having 6 days of the week!