A Karismatic Holiday ...

I'm going to have to apologize to all  my readers because I am soon going to activate comment moderation for this blog. I am sick and tired of having getting comments from that anonymous moron who keep leaving stupid nonsensical comments.

I really dislike having to use moderation for my blogs cos I don't like my readers having to type in those awful word verification but I have no choice. I will soon be activating it and I do apologize if you guys find it a tad too bothersome.

I'll keep it on for a couple of weeks and see if that will discourage Mr.Anonymous with his idiotic comments. I really hope he rots in hell! It's times like these that make me want to pack up my bags and head for a family vacation at the secluded beaches of Riviera Maya.

Check myself and the family into a room at one of the many Karisma Hotels that line the sandy white beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya. With their all inclusive luxury being unequaled, I can already picture myself lazing around on their beach beds with retractable curtains or even on the beach side bar swings.

Ahhh, to be living it up in the hot tubs and hammocks, being served sunset margaritas by a beach butler watching the sun go down. Now that is the way life should be lived :D Now, if only I discovered some hidden loot buried in my backyard, that would sure make my dreams come true ...

Siggghhh ... back to reality!