Chasing Cats And Weight Loss

Every morning Pebbles has this ritual where she MUST go and bark at the stray cats behind the house. And those cats also just love to taunt her. Damn them! Here I am trying to do my work and there she is barking her head off.

She won't until I go and see what she's barking at and carry her to make sure the cats are no longer there. And those cats won't leave until I go and chase them away myself. Then when I go back and settle down to continue my work, they'll come and taunt her again and she'll go wild again. Damn those cats!

That will happen every single day without fail and I'll have to get up so many times to go chase them that I wont be needing any weight loss supplement to lose weight! All I need to do is walk up and down trying to keep her quiet and chasing those cats away is enough to make me lose weight!

Oh and she also barks at the paper man every morning too :D