Shaving Blues

Sometimes its difficult being a man, especially when it comes to shaving. I hate having to shave and to top it all off, shaving blades these days are getting pretty darn expensive. Have you ever gone out there looking for replacement blades? They cost a bomb!

And the way they keep coming up with new blades so alarmingly quick that I've lost track of how many blades they have out there. When I first started shaving, it was only one blade, then it went to two, a while later we had the three bladed razor, supposedly for a closer shave. Now I think there's a five bladed razor in the market and I really don't want to  know how much it costs!

I mean, a blade is just a blade right? No matter how many blades it may have, after shaving you're still gonna look like yourself and not transform in Clive Owen or something so why the heck do I have to pay exorbitant prices for a shaving set.

Which is why I use the disposable kind even though it's like trying to shave with a nail file. It may take a little longer to shave but I can buy ten (or twenty) disposable razors for the price of one of those 4 or even 5 blades ones. With the money saved I could spend it all on some scanning software for my new HTC phone!