Weekdays & Weekends

Wow, it's Friday already. I never realized time could move so fast. When you work on your own, time sure flies by like there's no tomorrow. Well, I still find Friday to be my most favourite day of the week cos tomorrow is the weekend.

I know I work from home and weekdays and weekends shouldn't really matter cos I'm home all day but I still do follow the regular working hours and keep my weekends free from having to do any office work unless I have no choice.

Unfortunately today I have another installation to do for my motor sport client around 4.00pm and it's the same useless installers who wasted 12 hours of my life last week. I'm expecting to be working late again today. But at least this time I'll just bring my laptop along so I can at least do some of my admin jobs while waiting for them to complete the installation.

I'm just hoping my arm doesn't give me any problems today.