Thursday Blues

Gosh, I foresee a hectic and stressful day today. Things were totally horrible yesterday with everything that can go wrong actually going wrong and I see that trend to continue today. Why do people always keep things to the last minute and then when they need it tomorrow, only then will they call me up and ask me to do it for them.

What do they think I am? Like as if I can perform miracles. I mean I do have other work and clients to handle besides them alone. Even my quest to buy gold bullion has to now take a back seat.

I'm really not looking forward for today cos I know the amount of work stacked up against me. Worse still I know a particular client is going to be harassing me for their things to be ready way before the deadline I promised them. I guess if they pressure me too much, I'll just tell to take a running jump of a moving train.

I really could do without all this stress right now!

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