I've been sabotaged! I just came back from a really refreshing holiday only to wake up and find my car tire punctured! Then worse yet, I discovered it was a Monday! Arrggghhhh, you silly Monday! Why do you always have to come and put a damper on my fun? I'll get you one of these days, you mark my words Monday, I'll get you!

Pebbles is so happy to see us when we went to pick her up that she was whimpering in delight ... hehehe ... she was a little tired though cos I think she missed us and didn't really sleep or eat well cos the moment we came home and I fed her, she was gobbling up her food.

The poor girl was so tired that the moment she came home, she went to bed immediately. I guess she'll be back to her usual self by today :D Now I've got to go look for the best acne treatment cos all that fun I had in the sun was too good for my complexion ... LOL!