Silver Bulls!

It's a darn nice cozy, cool and rainy morning. Just perfect to be snugged up in bed snoozing the day away. And sane person would most definitely be doing that right about now. But here I am, with work to do and not having the liberty to take even 20 winks. Then again, my 20 winks always end up to be 200,000 winks ... LOL!

Nothing much has been happening in this part of the universe except that I've been busy with work. But then again, as Mrs. Spiffy would say,

'When are you ever not busy with work?'

And she has a point. Ever since I've started my own business, I don't think I've ever not been busy with work. It's always this or that and running around like a headless chicken for most of the working day trying to find places to buy silver bullion.

And you know what? There isn't any better time to buying silver bullion than right this very minute. The demand for silver worldwide has exceeded its annual production since 1990. So now you see why I'm on the hunt for silver bullion. Not that I know what to do with it even if I found it ... LOL!

Ok, I'd better get back to doing some real work or I'll never get anything done at all. The cool weather must be making my brain slow down much slower than normal.

3 weird comments:

Anny said...

silver bells..... wooooooooo ooo ooo.. urmm urmm.. silver bulls ka?

Spiffy said...

Anny - LOL! Not Christmas yet la ... so silver bulls for now :D

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