Doors, Clothes, What's The Difference?

I need some new door hangers! I'm running out of hangers to hang all my running gear which I seem to be buying quite a bit these days. In fact, just today, I went out and got myself a new set of Brooks running suit which I have no place to hang. I wonder what the heck happened to all the hangers at home.

Deep booming voice from above (DBVFA): 'Hey, you silly spaceman. Door hangers and hangers for clothes are not the same, you know.'

Gee, you're still around? I thought you jumped off a bridge or something.

DBVFA: 'You wish'

Seriously though, door hangers and clothes hangers are not the same?

DBVFA: 'Ah, you silly pathetic excuse for a human being. Of Course they're not, door hangers are those printed stuff with such words like 'Do Not Disturb' and clothes hangers, well, they're for hanging clothes ... how silly can you get?'

How the heck was I suppose to know that? A hanger is a hanger. Why don't you go take a running jump of a moving truck or something?

DBVFA: 'And why don't you go hang upside down off some hanger or something!'

Note to self: When you start talking to yourself in posts, it's time call it a day and go to bed. Goodnight folks!

4 weird comments:

Anny said...

Talking to oneself in posts is a perfectly normal thingy i must say..

Don't you think so?

I think so

But do you think so?

I should think so

Are you sure?

sure as a tomato

Oh noess...

do people ever talk to oneself in comment box?

I think so they do


yep.. they do

all the time?

oh yes...

Spiffy said...

Anny - Hahaha ... it's good to know you're as insane as I am!

DBVFA: Yes, yes, Anny is as insane as you are Spiffy.

Finally you agree with me on something ... hahaha!

Nessa said...


Anny, you're genius!! XD

Spiffy said...

Nessa - She's not just a genius, she's an insane genius ... LOL!