The Brooks Promo

My next race, the Nike City 10K run is coming up in 6 days time. I'm all excited and eager for it and even went out and got myself a new pair of running shoes though my current one is still perfectly fine :D I couldn' resist the offer.

Just so you know, Brooks is having a promotion now where all you need to do is bring in your old pair of sneakers, doesn't matter what brand and how old, and you'll get a RM150 rebate on any pair of Brooks running shoes.

I thought it was a good deal so Mrs. Spiffy and me took in our really old pair of RM49.90 sneakers which has been lying around collecting dust and bought ourselves a pair each of RM429 shoes for only RM279.00 which in my opinion is an excellent deal!

The promotion is on for the entire month of October so you better quickly grab your old pair of sneakers and go get that RM150 rebate. I recommend the Brooks outlet in the Curve as the owner of that place is a pretty neat guy who is very knowledgeable in shoes :D

I'm now looking forward to see how this shoe will hold up for the Nike City 10K run. One thing I must remember to bring is some tanning lotion cos the heat can be pretty scorching which is why I'm going to spend the rest of the day checking out tanning lotion reviews to find the best tanning lotion.