Only In The Movies

Gee, it's lunch time already? What happened to the entire morning? I thought I only just stepped into the office and not it's 1.10pm already? Arrggghhh, I still have loads of stuff to complete before I head out for an installation later this afternoon.

I'm already falling way behind with all my work, especially with trying to find a good Texas truck accident lawyer for my partner. I have no idea why the heck he wants a Texas truck accident lawyer though but I just don't have the time to look into that at the moment.

I wish I had a magical remote control like the one from that movie 'Click', then I would just pause time and sleep for a couple of hours and then get all my outstanding work done and finally hit the play button which would leave me free for the rest of the day but alas, things like that only happen in the movie ... siggghhh ...