Hot Or Cold?

The weather these days is pretty darned peculiar. It's either too damn hot with the sun blazing the entire day or it's too darned cold with rains falling the entire day. I don't recall the weather ever being like this back in my younger days.

I remember in my childhood the weather was just nice. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. Of course, we had the seasonal rains period but these days you just can never tell when it would rain or when it would be hot.

The worse thing is I rely on Ceiling Fans to cool all of us at home and on those blasted hot days, even switching on every Ceiling Fan we have in the house is not nearly enough. Now don't start asking me to install air-conditioning throughout the entire house cos I can't really afford paying for the electricity those things consume.

A ceiling fan, a really good one, especially one of those Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans, which is basically one of the best ceiling fans I know is good enough. Just for the price of one air-conditioning unit, I could buy a dozen or so of those Hansen fans! Maybe one day when I become a millionaire I might just be able to afford one air-conditioning unit but not right now so I'll just have to bear with this uncertain weather.

But I sure do enjoy the rains more than the sun!