Strange Stuff

I saw some strange things happening at the office across my place. I happened to be working late, very late and then I heard some commotion going on downstairs, I peeked peeked out my office window and saw this white haulage van with some people carrying out some stuff and bringing it up to the office across the road.

The strange thing is, the office across the road was, as far as I was concerned deserted all this while and suddenly people are hauling up stuff there, in the still of the night at that. Unfortunately I couldn't really see what the heck they were carrying though. Wished I had me one of those cool ncstar binoculars, then maybe I'd be able to spy on them ... LOL!

Well, as much as I was curious to find out what was going on, I didn't dare go down and investigate, they could have been some local mafia or something and I value my life :D