Where Have All The Stars Gone?

While waiting for roadside assistance club people to arrive the other day, I happen to see this poster about a former Malaysian football great, the incredible Mokhtar Dahari, famously known as 'SuperMokh'. If you're the younger generation, then you're going,

'Mokhtar who? Super what?'

But if you're as ... urrrrmmm ... old as me, than you probably know that Mokhtar Dahari was one of the all time greatest football player Malaysia ever produced (as far as I'm concerned anyway), in fact he was one of the most feared Asian strikers in his time.

Those were the days when team feared to be drawn in the same group with Malaysia. These days though, teams welcome having Malaysia in their groups cos they can whip the pants out of them. I grew up watching Mokhtar Dahari ply his incredible skills. Unfortunately he died at a young age of 37 on July 11th 1991. And Malaysian football went down the dumps soon after that.

In fact, back in those days we had a lot of great and fearsome athletes in this country. Unfortunately today we're hardly anywhere in the sporting world with hopeless athletes who only think they're great. I can't even think of hand of any athlete who deserves a mention with t he exception of Nicol David. Now that girl is in a different league of her own.

If only we had a few more people like Mokhtar Dahari's, Nicol David's this country wouldn't be so useless sports wise.