I Knew It!

I knew it! I simply knew it! In this country, if you fail to settle your summonses, you can get away with it for quite a while. A couple of weeks ago, a call was made, though it wasn't through any Conference call, to all motorist who hasn't settled their summons yet. A deadline was set. You had to settle your summonses by the 28th February or else.

'We won't entertain any more extensions', they said

'We are firm with our decisions this time', they hollered.

'Pay up by the deadline or else', they threatened.

And what happens when the deadline comes and goes? They extend it by another 10 days! Hahahahahahahaha! Bunch of morons! What was all that no more extension nonsense? I knew they would extend the deadline, in my heart I really knew and I was right!

I'm waiting till the 10th of March and see if they'll extend it even more. Only in Malaysia can you commit traffic offenses and take years to pay for it and even then you'd probably get a discount for it!