My Desire Is Fulfilled!

I got myself a new phone and I'm absolutely overjoyed :D Ok, I really didn't need a new phone, my old HTC Desire was working just fine and serving me well enough but me being me, I just wanted a new phone.

I had my eye set on the HTC Desire HD, which is even more awesome than the original Desire which in itself is pretty awesome too but it's an old model and you can't expect a spaceman to have something old now, can we?

So, I've been harping about the new Desire HD almost everyday to Mrs. Spiff and she finally got fed up and said that I could go and buy it if I wanted to just to shut me up ... hahaha ... I knew that would work :D

So off I went in my medical scrubs to Subang Parade on Sunday and traded in my old Desire for the new Desire HD and I've been on cloud nine messing around with it ever since.

Did I mention that it's a awesome phone? No? Well it is :D It's way better than the iPhone 4 as far as I'm concerned. It has such a huge screen that I'm planning to open an illegal cinema and show movie of peoples escapades in hotel rooms ... hahaha ... I just couldn't resist that!

Ok, now I've got to go and mess with my phone some more and hopefully some Blackberry waving people don't come along and wave Blackberries at me ... LOL!