Forced Labor!

Aiyaaaaaaaa that space freak is really annoying. I have my own blog but he's forcing me to write in his stupid blog cos he needs to write some stuff about door kick plates! What the heck would a cute little shihtzu like me know about door kick plates? In fact, what in heavens name is a door kick plate? I didn't know doors could kick plates to begin with!

Darn him, can't he see that I'm snugly curled up with my best buddy No Name and snoozing the day away? No Name has such a lovely and soft tummy to sleep on.

These days he's been irritating me quite a bit. Only yesterday he started bugging me with this stupid toy he got me which he ridiculously calls Peet, Peet! Where does he come up with silly names like these I really don't know.

I have half a mind to report him to some animal authorities or something for this forced labor of blogging for him. And it's the labor day some more! Maybe I should just go complain to mommy and she just might bop him on the head!