The weather is so hot the past week that I think if it got anymore hotter, we'd see cactus' growing outside and camels wondering about. As I sit here typing away on one of my many refurbished laptop computers, I swear the temperatures have taken a turn for the worse since my younger days. Yes, I was a young wee little space lad many eons ago.

I really don't remember it ever being this hot before. I my younger days I used to play outside in the parks as early as 3-4pm but these days the temperature at 7pm is as hot as the middle of the afternoon!

I don't know what this planet is going to be like in the next 10 years but I know it's going to be even worse than this unless we stop screwing with the planet by cutting down all its shady trees and building some godforsaken condo or mall just to make money!